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CAPRI GROUP, is founded and guided by our Patron and Mentor Mr. Sushil Kr jain. With a modest beginning to leaders in field of power conditioning devices specially Voltage stabilizers,

Tara Products, Pushkar Controls (P) Ltd, Duggar Power Supplies, & Duggar Power Products (p) Ltd, Capri Transformers (p) Ltd. all are our manufacturing wings making us one of the largest manufacturers of voltage correctors/ stabilizers,Automatic voltage regulator in India.

After sales is an important part in any organization to meet complete customer satisfaction, we in CAPRI are committed to provide the same for which we have a dedicated separate entity namely CAPRI SALES AND SERVICES (P) LTD. With a team of experienced personnel’s and a dedicated service centers in 12 important locations in the country, all ensuring flawless, reliable and prompt service at all times.

  • Established in year 1977
  • Obtained ISI in year 1981
  • Established 2nd factory in Noida in year 1989
  • Established 3rd factory in Delhi in year 2001
  • Established 4th factory in Bhiwadi in year 2007
  • Established 5th factory in Haridwar in year 2007.
  • Obtained ISO 9001:2000 in year 2008.
  • Obtaines ISo 14001 in year 2010

Capri is by far the most superior product in the market because of very stringent quality controls and commitment to provide the best quality product to our valued customer’s at most competitive prices, the policy that has driven us for last 32 years since 1977.

Our products are subjected to various stages of testing starting form incoming quality control, In process testing, 2 level Initial test, High voltage test , Burn test for 8 hrs, IR test and a final test , followed by FQC analysis, all ensuring the product to be of very high standard.

With different needs and given the state of condition of power in different parts of the world we have devised various models to suit every appliance like refrigerators, air conditioner, Television with different input voltage ranges, capacities and features.

We have some 125 models to suit the above applications

We have a very strong R & D department with all three promoters being engineers in field of Electricals, electronics and Mechanical, well supported by team of engineers with experience of more than 20 years in this field. We boost of being one of the the first manufacturers to obtain ISI mark in this field.

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