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We all know, how harmful fluctuations can be, especially in India, where voltage al some places is too high and too low at others. Capri Electronic Voltage Correctors have been designed keeping the erratic voltage flow in mind, to safeguard expensive gadgets against line voltage fluctuations which can cause irreparable damage.

Capri is one of the leading names in Electronic Voltage Correctors since 1977. Having earned reputation for making Quality Products that are durable and dependable, equipped with state of art machinery, the products adhere to high standard and quality seldom achieved. The correctors are stringently tested for their functioning at every stage of manufacturing process by a team of qualified engineers.
Salient Features
Elegant Design Compact, Sleek design with touch of class
High Quality Components Tested under strict incoming quality control.
Power Saver Copper & Iron losses Less than ISI specifications.
Durable Special vacuum impregnated transformer removes airand moisture hence better insulation & longer life
Reliable Wave soldered Circuit ensures 100% reliability.
State of the art Manufacturing Assembled on most modern conveyorised techniques with pneumatic pressure lines. Powder coated cabinet to protect from moisture and rust.
Country vide prompt, after sales services support, just in case required.
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