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We are largest Manfacturers of Electronics Voltage Stabilizers/Correctors offering a compreshensive range that are suitable for Refrigerator Stabilizer that gives maximum protection to refrigerator by operating at a wide voltage range. Our stabilizers offer excellent resistance against voltage fluctuation. The ABS Body cabinet suit to elegant interiors. Available in different capacities.
Model Application Cutoff Working Range  
AB10 One Col. TV   110-260 V
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AB15 One Col. TV   120-260 V
AB15VX One Col. TV High Voltage Cutoff 120-300 V
AB15W  One Col. TV   80-300 V
AB30 One Col. TV & DVD/ VCD/Music System   125-275 V
AB30VX  One Col. TV & DVD/VCD/Music System High Voltage Cutoff 120-300V
AB40   One Single Compressor Refrigerator   140-270V
AB50 One Single Compressor Refrigerator   140-270V
AB50VX One Single Compressor Refrigerator Low & High Voltage Cutoff with Intelligent Time Delay 145-285 V
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